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No website, no blog, not started with anything online yet? But you want to earn money, right?
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Further Updates ClickSense and AdBux
Update - Nov 29, 2007 ClixSense is the best of all the other view ads programs out there.They respond to all my tickets immediately.
They send the stats every two weeks.
They pay very promptly.
They never send spam mails like some of the others do.
It is useful to show your ads on ClickSense too. I converted some of my earnings for displaying my own ads.
AdBux has not paid me again. The first time I had to fight with them to get paid. Now $10 is due again and they have not paid. My account shows payment is sent. But no payment has reached my PayPal account.
I have removed adbux link from this page. I am going to fight to get back my money. I will keep you posted.

ClicxSense Update
Further Update: I got a response from ClixSense. They are pretty quick in responding to helpdesk and I like that. I had contacted them about my payment. I received a check for $7.18.
This is what ClixSense says: "As noted in the ClixSense FAQ, a check processing fee of $3 will be assessed when a check payment is sent to you from The processing fee covers postage and the administrative costs involved with processing payments. You may choose to increase the amount of your minimum payout if you so desire. Your earnings include both earnings from viewing ads and all affiliate commissions.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions or need assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact us"
I have received a check from ClixSense for $7.18. I thought I had made $10 and they send the check only after I make $10. I am checking with them. But they did not scam me. They have sent me a check. It came to my home address.
So far I have found ClixSense to be the best.
Some of the other services send you spam mails and I have not stayed with them till payment time.


I received the first payment of $25 from Hits4Pay on Thursday, March 20, 2008.
I had to ask for payment once I reached the payment limit of $25. I had to fill in their tax form online. They give you a special number to enter if you are a non-US citizen. I filed a help desk ticket, got the information, completed the procedure and got paid.